Get Out to Sail 2022 

It is sad when the sailing class ends. 

The whole rigamarole of risking your life with others over a matter that, in ancient times, was about survival through fishing or survival through travel or survival through trade really knits a group in a shared endeavor.

We will probably look for each other on boats. Lydia is supposed to be at the starboard winch and Cady at the port. Colleen is supposed to be at the wheel, Randy giving understated advice, and somewhere in the bowels of the boat is Eric, ready to jump in and save it, because, after all, it’s his boat, and every nerve ending in his system is cued to what is going on out there.

This is not that extreme as extreme sports go. We are all middle aged. If you haven’t done the extreme sport by now, you better not start, and that is how this class is. The Race to Alaska awaits you, if you want, but not here. 

The Tacoma Yacht Club had a promo event, and we all showed up and manned our stations, and did this as if in our sleep. 

Now, for some news from the world of theatre. I scrounged up one of my old radio dramas and had it recycled for the new medium of podcasts. Here is some early horror, circa 1996, produced by Shoestring Radio Theatre:

I have been working long hours covering everyone’s vacation and seem to be neglecting my boat project. Fortunately, I have some extra cash and plan to make it up to the boat by splurging on some goodies. The boat will get a treat. More to come on that. We’re thinking some tiny tile strips, thinset, and grout. I want to get me one of them fancy caulking spreaders, the one that looks like a cake decorator. The thing with DIY caulk is you need to make it look like it was put on sober. I would like a bit more presentation for the porta-potty -- not just unpainted wood. 

Now, more about boats in art, Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde has a famous boat ride that ends in a fatal love with one of the most intense arias in the repertoire, the famous liebestod, or a soprano singing herself to death! I already have my ticket to Seattle Opera’s upcoming production:

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