Nuts and Bolts

A lot of money has been spent on this boat over the years. 

Look at these nuts and bolts. 

I go down to the hardware store for small stuff and always walk away with several dollars worth of these items. They are so entrancing. In a lot of hardware stores they come in graduated bins and you can pick them out one by one and put them in a little bag with a label. Sometime a long time ago these very items were picked out and have sat on this boat without labels for decades. Who knows what they were for.  

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride is these bolts. Now they are trying not to get thrown in the landfill. 

David has respected these items and put them in a special place of their own. I am cynical about them. Maybe they can be recycled or something. They have the stench of loser items that I scorn. I think these bolts should go on with their lives.

Three sizes of clamps. I guess there was the hope that if the diesel engine or the sink drainage went ka-flooey while underway, you could just pull over and fix things while not sinking. 

I would probably fix this by calling a tow boat — or a plumber? Or being on a dinghy. Which I don’t have. And that is why I am not planning on being underway in any large expanse of water. Mostly Commencement Bay where I can swim to shore or get rescued -- just rescued.

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