Behr Exterior Semi-Gloss Enamel

The miracle paint Behr exterior semi-gloss enamel is much more obedient in the hands of an experienced professional builder than it is in the hands of an amateur sailboat refitter, I have concluded. This also has something to do with the brush. A seasoned sailboat refitter could probably use a crap brush and it looks glassy, smooth and gorgeous, whereas I have to buy the $16 brush and then it looks like it is trying. 

It is clear from the multiple layers of homely but eager fiberglass strips in the cubbies and thereabouts that no reasonable effort in the painting will ever really yield a smooth surface. 

I have chosen Caribbean colors that, once they were applied, it occurred to me to hate -- but not to cover over with more and more paint. That would be a long and tedious process of getting back to a gloppy white.

So now I have decided to do what popped into my head at the beginning and that is to make some overboards to put in the cubbies and paint them and then put glass mosaic tiles on them as the relief for all that orange sherbet color. I don’t want to have to sand around a hundred tiny tiles in five years. We will see how that turns out, but I suspect it will, because what is not to like about pool tile? It is gorgeous. And sometimes the most obnoxious colors really come into their own when they are used as the backdrop of more detailed work.

I have the dowel for the curtain that will conceal the user of the toilet, which, as David snarkily predicted, I am sure, is turning out to be that same old orange Home Depot bucket with a half-gallon mason jar, the funnel that came with the boat, and some kitty litter for those who don’t have regular elimination schedules. Thank goodness for the vinegar water in a Dollar Store spray bottle. 

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