Sun and Wind and Muscle

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John Michael Greer's current post on (August 4, 2021) makes a very convincing argument in favor of something like the liveaboard lifestyle as a sane and responsible choice given the realities of the environment:

"Think about fossil fuels not as things that are about to run out suddenly, nor as things that are about to be replaced by some new and even more abundant energy source, but as things that are already trickling away gradually as rising prices and shrinking production feed each other, leaving us to get by on the much more modest energy resources of sun and wind and muscle."

Yet liveaboard slips are becoming increasingly scarce in the greater Puget Sound area while we tear down the forests, pollute the waterways, and generally put a bunch of carbon into the air in the quest to build more and more single-family dwellings whose sizes and prices trend inexorably upward for reasons I cannot comprehend.

I have visited the site of Mycenae where the legendary Greek king Agamemnon ruled in the era of the Iliad. The royal palace boasts a housing complex whose apartments were about the size of our boat. The greatest philosophy, art, science, culture, and the theatre itself were hatched in living conditions no more spacious than this. Homer would have considered this a mansion.

What are we on about if we call it a slum?

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